Experienced St. Paul Immigration Attorneys

Based in Saint Paul, the Ojala-Barbour Law Firm helps clients navigate U.S. immigration law. We represent immigrants and their families with their cases in the immigration courts, before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and when necessary with the Board of Immigration Appeals and our federal courts. We work to defend clients against deportation and also to apply successfully for visas and other affirmative immigration benefits. We often consult with criminal defense attorneys whose clients may face immigration consequences from a criminal conviction. Hablamos español con fluidez.

All immigration cases involve individuals dealing with the U.S. government, which can feel overwhelming for the individual. But immigrants have rights in the United States, and our attorneys are here to make sure those rights are respected. We guide our clients through their cases step by step, explaining what to expect and what outcomes are possible, so they understand what is happening and what is likely to happen down the road. We stand by clients through sometimes lengthy processes, whether that means attending an asylum interview, defending against deportation in immigration court, or ensuring that an application for a family-based visa comes through the system smoothly. Our goal is always to create the best possible outcome for our client, whatever that might mean in their circumstances.

We are not afraid to take on difficult or controversial cases. Our past work includes representing people with criminal convictions and with media attention to their cases. We believe all immigrants deserve a strong defense, particularly when their futures in the United States may be at stake. Our attorneys are active in immigrant advocacy and professional immigration law groups, and frequently speak and write publicly on immigration subjects. If you come to us, you will find dedicated advocates for immigrants, ready to do our very best for our clients.