Immigration Law

The Ojala-Barbour Law Firm exclusively practices immigration law. We help individuals navigate the immigration system in order to help them to live in the United States, bring their family members to the United States, and, if necessary, to defend against deportation. We also regularly provide guidance to criminal defense attorneys seeking to understand and minimize the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. Our attorneys frequently speak publicly, write and teach on immigration subjects, and are active in professional immigration law communities. Both Graham and Mirella have been involved in the local and national governance of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Hablamos español con fluidez.

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights. When you’re applying for an immigration benefit from the federal government, or fighting in immigration court, you may feel as if you’re at the mercy of forces you don’t understand and can’t control. We try to give a measure of control back to our clients by explaining their options in language they can understand. We aim to give each client the best possible outcome, including leaving them with a legal status that will help them avoid any future immigration problems.

We have extensive experience with marriage-based adjustment of status cases and enjoy reuniting families and helping asylum-seekers find safe havens, but we are also not afraid of difficult or messy cases. Everyone deserves an advocate to help them sort out their rights and their options. No lawyer can guarantee a positive outcome, but we can guarantee that we will do our best to keep clients in the United States. We have extensive experience defending clients against deportation and arguing that they should be freed from detention before their hearings. We also handle appeals—requests to reconsider an immigration court ruling—to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Asylum is a special immigration status granted to people who flee their home countries after being treated badly because of who they are, or because they fear being treated badly in the future. You have the right to seek asylum in the United States i… Read More

Bond Hearings

If someone you care about is in immigration detention, the Ojala-Barbour Law Firm can help. Bond is the immigration system’s version of bail—that is, it’s a payment they can make in exchange for their freedom. In many cases, the immigration jud… Read More

Deportation / Removal Defense

Removal is the legal name for deportation—sending someone away from the United States and barring them from reentering for years. It’s a life-altering event for our clients and their families, so we work our hardest to avoid it. Fortunately, ther… Read More

Marriage and Family Based Visas/Adjustment of Status

Family unification is one of the biggest and most important goals of the visa categories offered by the U.S. government. U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (green card holders) are permitted under the law to petition to bring certain family… Read More

U Visas for Crime Victims

Not every immigrant story is easy. There are people who come to the United States under perilous circumstances like human trafficking, and there are people who fall victim within the United States to serious crimes like domestic violence. To encourag… Read More

Immigration Appeals

When an immigration case doesn’t go your way, you often have the right to an appeal. An appeal is a request that another court (or other body) with greater authority review the first decision. Generally, the first place to appeal an immigration jud… Read More